Skull panties

Skull Underwear

Skull panties

So, do you need a skull underwear? If you are reading these lines, it is because you are thinking of buying some skull panties or skull boxers, but don’t worry, you have come to the right place to get those personal skull garments.

You are a daring and unique person, it is time to act and dress differently on all occasions, so we present the most transgressive and fun underwear in the entire internet, yes! Panties and briefs decorated with skulls and/or bones.

Whether you want to buy it as a gift or buy it for yourself, in our online store, you will find the perfect underwear with skull prints.

New Skull Underwear

At this time people wear skull underwear of all tastes and styles. Boxers and panties in cotton, slip, lycra, plain, but all with skull prints and we have them all. Find the men and women underwear that best suits your style this season in Skullpattern.

Printed Multi Colour Skull boxers

People wear lycra boxers now much more than before. We can see that they are buying skull underpants of very different styles. If you are brave, in Skullpattern, we have launched a line that will not leave you indifferent. Combining a fine cotton and elastane fabric, we get a fantastic flexibility and elasticity, comfort and durability.

Basic Skull Underwear

The prints can be amusing and original, but there is nothing sexier than some smooth classic black and white boxers with skulls. In Skullpattern, you can find them with the most daring patterns. You will love them!

Black and white. The basic colours never fail you, and they never go out of style!

Geometric Skull Patterns

If although you are daring, you want to maintain elegance and discretion, we have the skull underwear models that best suits your tastes. Geometric patterns have been used for a while on t-shirts and other clothing, but now they are fashionable in men’s and women’s skull underwear.

Here we present a small selection of the best models on the market, just for you.

Cotton Skull Briefs

Wide cotton skull briefs are still trending. In Skullpattern, we have launched a line of cotton boxers that combine the tartan style in multiple colours and prints, but always and in all circumstances with the traditional skull style for the perfect lingerie.

Find the skull underwear model that best suits your style with the trend section of Skullpattern, your trusted online shop, and look fashionable this season!

We have all types of Skull Underwear

men skull boxer

Are you a girl who wants to look sexy? There is nothing more sexy than skulls underwear (a sexy and tough girl that has skull accessories, t-shirts and even stockings with skulls). You know that nothing can stop you if you put on your skull panties. It is not something that anyone can use; the skull underwear is for brave women, self-confident and transgressive.

Skull underwear can be a gift for yourself, but it is also a fun gift for our partner. On the one hand, you can give them to your girlfriend who loves skulls or choose to surprise your partner in privacy wearing them.

The skulls underwear from our catalogue is made with high-quality materials; so you can wear your new panties daily and show them on special occasions. You can find panties with big or small skull prints, black and white or with full-colour prints.

The shame sure is not something that defines you, but surely you prefer the convenience of being able to place your order of skull underwear from the comfort of your home. No fights for the last piece of your size, endless waiting in the changing room or queues to pay; buying from our online store you can invest all that time in have a look through our extensive catalogue of panties with this pattern.

In addition to skull panties an skull stockings, in our store we have also: