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Skull Scarf

Alexander Mcqueen Black Skull Scarf on Stylish ManDo not worry about the cold or the wind, our skull scarves are not only of great quality to keep you protected when necessary, but they are also a modern accessories that cannot be missing in your daily style.

We have a wide variety of textures and colours, models and styles … so many that we have had to dedicate a super detailed category to offer you the best products at the best price and we will show you how to learn to tie them depending on the clothes we wear at that moment.

If you are determined to buy a skull scarf you should not look any further because we have done that work for you. We are like you; we have a personality different from the rest of society and we show it with our way of dressing.

Alexander Mcqueen Scarf

If we talk about skull scarves, we have to talk about the most famous skull scarf in the world, which is none other than Alexander Mcqueen’s skull scarf.

The skull in the scarves was seen for the first time in the Spring Summer 2013 fashion shows and from that moment on it became the hallmark of the Alexander Mcqueen brand; the Mcqueen skull scarf! It was so well received by these silk scarves with skulls that were seen in necks like those of Mary-Kate Olsen or Nicole Richie, they dressed without turns or knots with a purely ornamental purpose, forgetting the original function of a scarf as a scarf. more than 200 pounds is not bought for its functionality but for its aesthetics and exclusivity.

Such was the madness for these skull scarves that today there is not a single low-cost scarf that is not based on the original models of Alexander Mcqueen because everyone wants to have the same scarf that Lindsay Lohan, or at least think they have it.

On our website, we offer you both, the original models of Alexander Mcqueen’s skull scarf and imitations of these beautiful skull scarves. Below, gorgeous MCQ skull scarves with some of them on sale.

Wearing a Skull Scarf

Normally we use scarves when the weather gets a bit cold, but depending on the grade we will use scarves of different materials, styles and sizes. In any case, apart from protecting us from the wind and the cold, the skull scarves will distinguish us from the rest and will highlight our unique and different style.

So on this website we will give you all the tips to protect your neck, face or the entire head, but without looking super cool. And for the bravest ones check out our skull and crossbones scarves.

Types of Skull Scarves

There are hundreds of models of skull scarves and make the decision of which scarf with skulls to buy is not easy, but at least we start from a fact, we want a skulls scarf. Here you will learn that it is a skull scarf, you will learn to combine the different scarves with your style, you will discover the latest novelties and the best sellers.

Oversized Women Skull Scarf

If in spite of liking the skulls you want to maintain a sober and elegant style, you must choose an oversized scarf, wrap it around your neck and leaving one short end to fall in front of your chest and the other end towards the back.

The sugar skull prints scarves are the most elegant to wear, since the sugar skulls scarves are usually very colourful and worked with really beautiful details and if we add a black or dark background, the sugar skull scarf could be perfect.

These are some of our best deals for the skull scarf that you can use to wear this kind of style

Hee Grand Women Fashionable Punk Pirate Skull Chiffon Scarf Kerchief Cozy Black
Large Black skull scarf; Aproximate dimensions: 180c x 100cm; Excellent quality cotton feel scarf
Lina & Lily Sugar Skull Print Women's Large Scarf Lightweight (Tan)
'Day of the dead' gothic sugar skulls print.; Super soft, lightweight, breathable, all year round.
Lina & Lily Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Print Large Scarf Shawl Lightweight (Black)(Size: 180 X 90...
High quality sugar skull print scarf.; Oversized: 35" wide; 70" long. Large enough to wear as many ways as you can.

Skull Neck Warmer, Skull buff or Face Scarf 

If you’re young or daring enough, you know for sure that it’s a skull neck warmer, skull tube scarf, skull buff or face scarf, so many names for the same unisex useful scarf. It is nothing more than a very versatile elastic tubular garment that is used in outdoor activities, whether hiking, camping, cycling, motocross, … But it is not a scarf that will protect you from the cold and wind, but that will give you a bit more rudeness, it will seem that your face is a skull because these scarves normally are black skull scarves with the bones, a skeleton in white that gives us the dead effect.

Usually we think this is a men’s skull scarf, a biker man with a skull face mask is a cool guy but this is also a women’s skull scarf and then is when everything changes, they look not just hard, they look super sexy.

Here some good Skull Neck Warmer deals

Hoo-rag Sugar Mama Skull Face Mask Seamless UPF 30 High Performance Moisture Wicking Bandana Made of...
12 Reviews
Hoo-rag Sugar Mama Skull Face Mask Seamless UPF 30 High Performance Moisture Wicking Bandana Made of...
  • Sugar Mama Skull Face Mask by Hoo Rag Seamless UPF 30 High...
  • One Size Fits Most
3x High quality multifunctional scarf/bandana/scarf/balaclava scarf with skeleton skull masks for...
  • 3 shawls, colours as in the pictures shown, each one is...
  • One size (suitable for children, teens and adults); dimensions:...
  • Multifunctional can be used as a bandanna, scarf, beanie,...
  • Suitable for cycling, hiking, camping, skiing, climbing, fishing,...
  • Keeps you warmer in winter and reduces moisture in summer....

A skull print tube scarf will help keep you at a constant temperature when the weather gets colder or hotter and therefore is a necessary garment for any adventurer. The main use is to absorb the sweat from the neck after a long exercise in the open air thanks to its fast-drying, in this way an excessive sweat will not get cold and thus we will maintain our constant body temperature. On the other hand, being breathable we can cover our mouths in case of cold, avoiding that we breathe the cold air and we can get sick.

These are some of our tube skull print scarf models more radicals

The Best Purchase in our Store!

We wish that what you have seen in our shop, has been to your liking and hopefully you have found the skull scarf that you so desired. As you have seen, in our store we have from exclusive products to much cheaper products, but equally beautiful.

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Undoubtedly, the new scarf that you are going to buy will become a very important garment in your wardrobe, no matter too much that it is summer or winter because the best of these garments is its design that never goes out of style.

The scarf skull is already a symbol of a very particular aesthetic and reflects that, regardless of the demands and fashions imposed by today’s society, we can flee from all that and be ourselves anywhere through our clothes and style.