Naked Body Women Skull by Salvador Dali

Skull Poster

If you want to change the decoration of your room completely, then you are in the right place. Thanks to these exclusive skull posters. You will have the opportunity to give your room a gothic, transgressive and original aesthetic. Dare to be free and hang them on your boring walls!

Vintage Skull Posters

It’s amazing how more and more vintage skulls posters are sold every day. The three skull posters we have selected for you meet the perfect conditions to suit your tastes and change the style of any room in your home.

Any of them will look perfect both in the dining room and in your room or even your office. These vintage skull posters are perfect for giving as gifts, because it’s time to remove the posters of Disney movies or rock groups from the walls.

These skull posters are modern as well as retro. Will you let them run out? Buy yours now at a spectacular price.

Sugar Skull Poster

Mexican skull posters or sugar skull posters have always been and always will be a great option to decorate. They usually look well framed, but they also look incredibly well without a frame.

You can hang a poster of sugar skulls in bedrooms, but you can also do it on the wall of your living room or dining room. The ideal would be to buy a frame that matches the colours of the room but be careful and do not pay a fortune for it.

Art Skull Print Poster

People still think that hanging art skull posters in the rooms is a matter of children or the past, when what was known as urban decoration was booming and one of the main features was to decorate with posters, however, we have selected a series of skull art prints with contemporary designs that has nothing to do with the past.

Trendy or not, we are fans of skull posters, and we recommend that you hang them on the walls of any room in your home. Remember that to hang a poster, you don’t need to use pushpins; You can paste the poster to a board of the same dimensions, and it will be ready.

We do not recommend using adhesive tape, as this will end up falling with temperature changes and probably leave you marked the wall. At the end of this section, we have selected some frames with a spectacular price in case you want to make them perfect.

See posters with floral skull, sugar skull, human skull and many more!

Dictionary Page Art Skull Posters

You will not find any product that allows you to place one of these “beautiful dictionary page art skull posters” on a wall and this is durable, allowing the poster not to peel off and be invisible. Undoubtedly, frames are the best option, but there are some alternatives, and some will give an extra touch of originality to the posters

We propose that you use silicone that we also use for our crafts, which we can apply through a gun and with just a few drops, our skull poster will be permanently fixed on the wall.

You can also use a transparent vinyl that covers the entire surface of the poster and is at the same time glued to the wall. The most important thing is not to leave air bubbles between the poster and the vinyl, in this way we will protect the poster from the effects of light, air, dust etc.

We will then paste the poster to a hard surface, and so we can hang it as if it were a frame.

Terror Skull Poster

First of all, thanks to the mystical, spiritual and alternative aesthetic that you have, you will be giving an original and different touch, and that will make you feel comfortable with the place where you spend more time throughout the day. Besides, you will find, thanks to these terror skull posters, a good way to highlight your rebellious and shameless soul.

We know that, if you have reached this website, it is because you do not support the canons dictated by the current society. Do not worry, neither do we.

Our purpose is to help young people like you, who have concerns and are not satisfied with what surrounds them, to feel comfortable with themselves from an alternative and underground perspective.

Rock and Movies Skull Posters

The skulls are symbols that have been used by all cultures to represent very varied aspects, from death to spirituality. But, also, they have become icons of vintage and punk and rocky aesthetics. Similarly, see the charm and the strange beauty they have, is not something that we miss.

If you are looking for rock or movies skull posters from which to break the boring standards of the world around you, do not hesitate, you are in the right place. Also, we are committed to having your order available in your home within 24 hours. And, how could it be otherwise, for a price commensurate with the times that run for young people.

In addition to posters with skulls, in our store we have: