Ice Skull Mold

Skull Mold

You are a different person, someone who does not follow the same style rules as the rest of society, someone who dresses differently, listens to different music, … why use the same molds as the rest? If you like skulls, you’ll love the skull molds we have to offer in this online store.

Why buy a skull mold?

What do you think of our molds? On this occasion, we don´t want to sell you skull figures, now we offer you the molds so that you can get as many skulls as you want. Will you use sugar, ice, chocolate, play dough, clay, pastry? You can use the stuffing that you use to fill our skull molds but you will love them.

You prefer skulls like us, you always run away from the ordinary, that’s why in our store you will find hundreds of products with skulls, of all shapes, materials and uses, however, now it’s up to you to create a few skulls and bones. Choose the mold you prefer, a design, a shape and fill it!

What will you do when they ask you where you get these new skulls? Will you tell them what you did for yourself? Will you tell them about our skull online shop? If you are ready to start making ornamental skulls,  skull cakes, colouring skulls or any other skull, select now the models and we will deliver in 24 hours.

In addition to molds for skulls, in our store we have: