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Skull Makeup

You are a person who flees from the traditional, you like to differentiate yourself from the rest in everything you do and the skull makeup will help you greatly. Do you remember those rock bands that painted their faces changing the aesthetics of their time and used it as a personal identity? You don´t need to wait for Halloween to use this makeup, you do not need a carnival or any other event of the style … use it where, how and whenever you want!

Skull Face Tattoos Makeup

The skull facial tattoos are temporary and will last all Halloween night. You will save a lot of time in makeup and you will not have to wear a mask all night. The tattoos includes everything necessary for the elegant sugar skull or a terrific human skull. The different pieces should be trimmed, the tattoo face down on clean skin and soaking with water. Squeeze for 30 seconds and gently remove the paper from the skin. In less than 1 minute you will be ready. You can remove the tattoos with baby oil or makeup cleaners based on alcohol. Not recommended for children under 14 years.

Skull Makeup Bag

It is undeniable that the skull makeup bags are the perfect ally of anyone who is interested in cosmetics.

To start and the best advantage is that you will not have to settle for wearing the same makeup every day, but you can experiment with new styles every time you want thanks to your extensive collection. Let your face become your best canvas and learn to take more advantage of your beauty every day.

Why buy skull makeup?

You are rebellious and subversive and you flee from the conventional. Our skull makeup catalogue will help you to be who you really are. Do you remember the Misfits? They were a legend group and not only for their music but for their image and attitude.

Black clothes, skull makeup and his badge (the skull). We are talking about a Punk band that not only influenced thousands of young people in the world, but also other Rock and Metal bands such Metallica that, in fact, have covered several of the songs of the Misfits. Only for the youngest who read these lines, and for the older who lost their memory; Metalica’s bass player almost always wore a shirt with the Misfit skull because he was a big fan of this Punk band.

We don´t think that we have to repeat again that the skull is an element more than representative of an attitude, a culture, a lifestyle… Don´t wait for Halloween to buy any of these scary makeups.

In addition to makeup for skull, in our store we have:

You have already realized that you won´t find an online shop specialized in skulls like ours: T-shirts, blouses, leggings, underwear, handbags, rings, flags, socks, scarves, flags and a long list of others.

Clothes for people with personality like you and with transgressor spirit. Despite the fact that the skulls most people associate to death with our products you will never have felt more alive!