Skeleton hand holding a Gothic Skull Ashtray with Celtic details on the edges

Skull Ashtrays

Business Man smoking a cigar using a Glass Skull Ashtray

Do you want to quit smoking? We all want! Smoking is bad for health and our economy, but until we quit smoking, we need to leave the ash somewhere. But, even if you don’t smoke or if you already have stopped smoking, you must see below.

We have in our online store the best skull cigar ashtrays with the highest quality and the best prices. They have been chosen from a vast offer, and we picked just the right ones for you!

We have exclusive ashtray designs of skulls, made of glass, ceramic, polyresin, or even metal alloy.

You can use a skull ashtray for your office, for home, for your patio or the most important; If you want to enjoy them with a cigar between your lips.

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We are sure that you have quit smoking hundreds of times, and probably you are throwing the ashes of your last cigarette in an ugly tray.

What will happen if you finally smoke again? will you continue using the old vintage ashtrays? Or will you get a beautiful new one with a big skull, or maybe you will get one that simulates a human bony head? Any of these bony ashtrays will help to decorate your house, office, patio or even your bathroom if you stop smoking or not.

Here we show you our favourite ones:

Steampunk Skull Trinket Box Ashtray Ash Tray Stash Statue
  • Measuring 7 1/2 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 6 inches tall
  • Made of cold cast resin
com-four® Skull Ashtray for Cigarettes - Portable Skeleton Ashtray for Halloween - Scary Gothic...
  • DESIGN: The skull ashtray is wonderfully detailed in its scary...
  • EYE CATCHER: The skeleton ashtray is real eye-catcher at every...
  • GIFT IDEA: The beautiful skull ashtray for cigarettes is the...
  • DECORATIVE: This ashtray in skull decor is also suitable as a...
  • SCOPE OF DELIVERY: 1x skull ashtray // Material: polyresin //...
Gothic Skull Ashtray 12 cm
  • Material: polyresin
  • Dimensions: Length 12 cm, Height 6 cm
  • Heavy weight (approx.300 g), with Celtic details on the edges
  • Supplied boxed
  • Spot-on gift

The Biggest Range in Cigar Skull Ashtrays has different types of Skull ashtrays as the ones made out of cast resin into the shape of human skull heads or animal skull heads.

It’s fascinating the creativity of artists that create with the top of the skull heads a lid. It comes off to let you deposit the cigarette ash in these genuine, unique skull cigar ashtrays and other the tray is the mouth itself of the skull. Try one of the open mouth ceramic skull cigar ashtray, and you won’t regret.

We have a wide range of cultures and ages skull cigar ashtrays; you can find Gothic skull ashtrays, Medieval, Celtic, Punk, Templar, Biker, demon, rocker, pirate and even sugar skull ashtrays. And we don’t have just skulls, we have skeletons and bones ashtrays, also vintage cigar skull ashtrays and antique skull ashtrays.

We have some beautiful polished plate windless skull ashtrays, authentic pieces of art, most of them are hand-painted.

These pieces have excellent attention to detail and majority made of cold cast resin, beautifully decorated with leaves, roses, fruits and other ornaments that complement these unique ashtrays.

Don’t forget the classic pirate ashtrays; if you consider yourself an ocean life’s sailor, this will match with you.

Look at the raven ashtray that observe you while smoking. This jawbone one is savouring the ashes, or the skeleton’s hand is holding the ashtray or patio windless ashtrays.

What do you think about this selection?

Nemesis Now Sugar Petal Ashtray
  • Skull ashtray
  • Flower design
  • Size: 11.5cm
Gothic Pentagram Ashtray - 12 cm
  • Material: polyresin - also suitable for outdoor use
  • Size: 12 cm diameter
  • Heavy (approx.330 g), with Celtic and pentagram details on the...
  • Supplied boxed
Rainbow Skull Ashtray
  • Length at Longest Part: 115mm
  • Weight: 150g
  • Rainbows!
  • Skulls!
Piquaboo Colourful Skull Head Ashtray Indoor Outdoors (Turquoise)
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors.
  • Black felt on the bottom to protect the table surface.
  • Material: resin
  • Dimensions: Height 4 , Length 4 inch (10 x 11 cm).
  • Comes securely packed in a white box with eco-friendly...

In our store, you will find skull ashtrays for your style and way of life. If you dress as you want and like, will the decoration of your house be different?

Best Cigar Ashtray Prices with and the Highest Quality

Some still assure that “smoking is a pleasure”, but also a “vice that kills slowly”, but there is no hurry for that moment to arrive.

If you want to indulge that pleasure, unless you are enjoying all your moments, leave your cigarette ashes in the most suggestive and attractive skull ashtray.

We know that you not only think about yourself, you also think about your friends and to smoke with them.

You love to fill your ashtrays with cigarette butts, that’s why, since you’re in our store, why not check out what we offer and have a detail with them? In the end, life, like cigarettes, is much more fun if consumed surrounded by friends.

Types of Cigar Skull Ash tray:

There are many types of skull cigar ashtrays, but we have them all and, we will present our favourites down below of these lines.

  • Human skull head polyresin ashtray

In our online skull shop, within the category of skull ashtray, you can find the famous and demanded and unique human skull ashtrays. These ashtrays have apparent edges and corners with an authentic global image.

This ashtray is more than an object to deposit ash; we get decorative effect that will highlight any room of your house where you place it.

For these ashtrays, we use high strength resin, which has excellent stability and strong resistance to abrasion, environmental protection, resistance to heat and corrosion.

Finally, remember that they are handmade ashtrays and therefore, each ashtray will be different from the rest. We hope you can find the perfect human skull ashtray, whether to decorate, place flowers, hold some books or smoke a cigar.

  • Crystal Skull Ashtray or Sugar Skull Ashtray

A skull glass ashtray becomes the perfect union between style, simplicity and character, a stylized ashtray. You find these skull pattern ashtrays with all kinds of shapes and engravings. However, the glass makes them light and suitable for all types of decoration. There are countless designs, colours and shapes, how to find the perfect glass ashtray? Here are some tips:

For elegant spaces: in a room decorated with an elegant and distinguished style can not miss a skull glass ashtray. Try a geometric version of straight lines. If you prefer a different version of the classic crystal, choose your ashtray in black glass, the colour of elegance

LESES Crystal Skull Ashtray for Cigarettes for Family/Bar
11 Reviews
LESES Crystal Skull Ashtray for Cigarettes for Family/Bar
  • UNIQUE DESIGN-- White crystal material with meticulous production...
  • COOL-- Business atmosphere, high refractive index
  • ANTI-SKID SUEDE-- Making it stable and not easily fall down
  • SUITABLE FOR-- Houses, bars, cafes, hotels, restaurants, parties
  • SIZE-- bottom diameter:11 cm, inside diameter:7.5 cm and 3 cm...

For a vintage decoration: if you have chosen the vintage decoration to dress your living room, a sugar skull glass ashtray is your best ally! You will find an infinity of designs for sugar skull engravings as geometric or floral; it’s a must for your vintage living room!

For an exotic style: dare to combine your crystal skull ashtray with other ashtrays of different material, size and colours.

Take advance of the design of your glass skull pattern ashtray to add a touch of character to your living room or the entrance to your home. Have you already found the perfect ashtray? Decorate it with objects such as stones or small coloured glass balls.

For the most romantic spaces, fill your crystal skull cigar ashtray with different types of dried flowers. In this way, you will give a touch of colour to the room, and you can use it as a decoration on your coffee table for a small price

Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Colorful Glass Ashtrays - Assorted Colors (Yellow)
  • Vividly Colored
  • Art That Inspired A Million Tattoos!
  • Durable and Heavy Glass
mtb more energy Ashtray ''Dia de los Muertos '' - Diameter 12,5 cm - Day of the Dead Design - Skull...
  • To spooky beautiful and simply "cool" - this stylish skull glass...
  • Ideal as decoration for Halloween, carnival, party, celebration,...
  • Perfect as a gift for Mexican lovers
  • Diameter: 12.5 cm, height: 3.5 cm, weight: 213 g.
  • Not suitable for dishwashers - cleaning with a damp cloth
1x Sugar Skull Glass Ashtray
  • Sugar Skull Glass Ashtray
  • Would make a lovely gift for any occasion
  • One Supplied
  • Size 8 cm x 4 cm - Image is for illustration purposes only -...
Gifts For All Emporium present gift. Skull Glass Ashtray. An essential ashtray
  • Latest present gift - Sugar Skull Glass Ashtray
  • One Supplied
  • Size 8 cm x 4 cm - Image is for illustration purposes only -...
  • Sugar Skull Glass Ashtray
  • Top selling gift present
Cigarette Ashtray Handmade Sugar Skull Glass Ashtray Three Cigarette Ash Holder 62MM Glass Cigar...
  • Width 62mm; Length 97mm.
  • Made of High Quality Glass: This cigarette ashtray is made of...
  • Keeping your space clean and tidy. Great for bars, restaurants,...
  • Color Visual Art Applied: The color of the cigarette ashtray will...
  • Modern Design - This contemporary design fits nicely into any...
  • Skeleton Ashtray

With the hand-painted human skeleton ashtray, made from artificial stone, you have a creepy but beautiful ashtray for smoking. But if you don’t smoke, it will be an original item for table decorations.

A fantastic idea as a birthday present for a smoker friend; this skeleton ashtray maybe will help your friend to quit if he/she looks at the skeleton as a mirror while smoking.

Perhaps you have a Gothic friend who loves these peculiar objects.

The high quality of our skeleton ashtrays are made from artificial stone, a very resistant material. These are hand-painted with a felt coating, using beige, brown and grey colours as real bones.

For everyday smoking your cigarettes, these skeleton ashtrays, look fun.

Ashtray with three skeletons
  • With the hand-painted Skeleton ashtray with 3 Knienden Skeleton...
  • The very high quality black ashtray with 3 Knienden Skeleton...
  • Box contents: 1x Skeleton ashtray with 3 Knienden Skeleton...
  • Contents: 1 pieces | colour: Beige/Black/Brown/Gray; Size:...
  • Material: Polyresin (artificial stone) | decoration and tray in a...
Ashtray with lying skeleton
  • With the hand painted Skeleton ashtray with Liegender Skeleton...
  • The high-quality Skeleton ashtray with Liegender Skeleton...
  • Box contents: 1x Skeleton ashtray with artificial stone Skeleton...
  • Contents: 1 | colour: Beige/Brown/Gray | Dimensions: Diameter:...
  • Material: Polyresin (artificial stone) | decoration and tray in a...
BESTOYARD Resin Skeleton Skull Ashtray Halloween Skull Decoration Ornament Gift
  • Halloween Decorative Skeleton Skull Resin Ashtray Scary Halloween...
  • Spooky addition to any Halloween scene, theme parties, or...
  • Vivid, color antique, unique ashtray, also can be used as candy...
  • Great craftmanship. Perfect gift for those that love skull.
  • Natural resins, no poison, no smell, quality beyond your...
  • Raven Stalking on fleshless jawbone Ashtray

If there is an animal-related with death is the RAVEN.

They are where death is, not just to feed their selves, also for curiosity of deadly situations or a powerful mysticism. On top of these harmless fleshless jawbone tray with sharp teeth, there is a Raven who looks how the cigarettes will approach this unique ashtray. Will it eat the ash?

We love this high quality, handmade Raven looking at the bone jaw ashtray!

  • Pirates Skull Ashtray 

Because you think that life is like a deep ocean and you are a sailor, you must use this pirate skull ashtray to collect all the ashes.

Why not use this skull-themed ashtray to match those boat pictures on your house’s walls?

Place it on the coffee table and be delighted while you are smoking with this realistic bony ashtray.

Pay attention to appearance; we focus on quality, completely hand-painted, simple and beautiful. The top of the skull pirate’s head is a lid; it comes off to let you deposit the ashes or to be used as storage in these realistic skull cigar ashtray. It’ll be your new home essential.

SWONVI (TM) Halloween Pirates Skull Ashtray Cigarette Cigar Smoking Ashtrays Home Decoration ,a...
  • Material: Resin
  • Specifications: 12x12 x14 cm (4.7"x4.7x5.5'')
  • Not only pay attention to appearance, more focus on quality,...
  • Suitable for large hotel banquet, hotel rooms, home, coffee...
  • Skull Ashtray with Refillable Lighter Function

This ashtray is a creative vintage ashtray to brighten everyone’s eyes and light up your room. This metal skull ashtray is an ideal retro tabletop ornament for office, patio or balcony.

This shiny skull ashtray comes with a box to be an as special gift for a birthday, anniversaries or Christmas.

Mainly designed for smokers and antique decor enthusiasts, it is made of metal and plastic, it is a long-lasting, durable, anti-oxidize and anti-shock.

It is not only an ashtray, but also a lighter.

  • Ceramic Skull Ashtray

These are a great quality ceramic ashtrays with a beautiful finish. They are an unique and fine ashtrays, ideal gift for lovers of sinister, gothic, fantasy and esoteric aesthetics.

Balvi Ashtray Skully Black colour Shaped skull Ceramic
  • GREAT QUALITY. Ceramic ashtray with glossy black finish of high...
  • UNIQUE. Ideal gift for lovers of sinister, gothic, fantasy and...
  • It can also be used as Halloween or Carnival decoration.
  • Dimensions: 10x9,5x13,5 cm Material: ceramic
Vosarea Ceramic Flower Pot Skull Shaped Succulent Planter Pot Desktop Resin Pot for Garden Balcony...
  • Made of premium ceramic, no poison, no smell, quality beyond your...
  • Skull addition to any Halloween scene, theme parties, or...
  • Wide application, can be used as plant pot, ashtray, candy bowl,...
  • Perfect planter for succulent, cactus and small flowers. Features...
  • Good for home or office ornament on desk, table, window sill,...
mtb more energy Ashtray ''La Muerte Roja'' - Day of the Dead Design - Skull Bones Decoration
  • Beautiful and simply "cool" to creep, this stylish skull ashtray...
  • Ideal as a decoration for Halloween, carnival, party,...
  • Excellent gift for Mexico lovers
  • Width: 9.00 cm, height: 2.30 cm, depth: 11.30 cm, weight: 139 g
  • Not suitable for the dishwasher, clean with a damp cloth

In addition to ashtrays with skulls, in our shop we have also: