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During the 70-80s, when Punk fashion came to many territories in Europe, many people thought that people who wore that hair on tip, clothes so flashy and blatant, were completely crazy or were criminals. But do you like them to think that about you? Well, you’ve seen Punk fashion!

Punk clothes, attracts the attention of all

When this fashion began in England at the end of the 70s, the aim of the first Punk was to attract attention. Now, according to whom the view, has several meanings.

A mockery of the system, a criticism of fashion established by designers or express feelings through symbols that are in clothing. Dozens of meanings that express your way of seeing the world to others, and some may be terrified of seeing you. What will matter to you? Wear Punk clothes if it’s what you like!

Anti-fashion clothes

What kind of Punk clothes do you want to wear? On the one hand, you have glam punk, which uses bright colors, leather, leopard prints and neons. Maybe Pop Punk is the most classic? With the use of tight jeans, some shirts of your favorite band, pyramid belts and several bracelets.

Finally, you have the Hardcore Punk style, which is the extreme end. Simple clothes to be able to poguear better. Simple shirts, with baggy work pants, avoiding the elaborate style that other Punks wear.

Do you prefer to be guided by the basics? If so, in the case of men the classic is jeans in black, with bullet or silver belts, leather jackets (or a denim vest), leather brooches and a simple shirt. The shoes must be of brands or military style.

For women, the black tight jeans are good, but they can also use skirts with leopard print, bullet belts and studs. A few shirts of bands, with any leather thing, a complete meshes (although broken they are better) and military-style shoes with which to trample the prying eyes of all the curious ones who see you on the street.

Skullpattern, your place to buy your Punk clothes

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