Pink Sugarskull Polka Dot Off Shoulder Vintage 1950s Top

Pin Up Top

If the blouses and pin-up shirts have seemed too suggestive and too provocative, you’ll be stunned to see how the pin-up tops are. You should already know; this is a fashion to become a woman that makes the most of their “female weapons” and that all men who pass by your side are drooling for you … is not it what you’re looking for? Well, for a top!

Express Yourself with a Pin Up Top at the Best Price

Tired of going out dressed like a nun even during the summer and basking in the heat? Well we present a fashion that will help you not only to change your image, but to become a femme fatale and feel fresh and liberated during the summer … all with rockabilly style tops!

A retro pin up aesthetic top is fresh, since the fabric is thin. It is colourful, because bright colours such as white, red and black are used together with a pattern of polka dots or straight lines. These, combine perfectly with the primary colour, having chosen a perfect complementary colour. For example, red with black or white, white with black …

Buy Your Pin Up Style Tops in Skullpattern

In this aspect, we can say that it is a pretty suggestive clothing. Whether you buy a top that is short sleeve or suspenders, it will expose the “channel” and enhance your breasts. So, few men will not be left watching you in the street.

It is a type of garment with which to feel powerful, suggestive but also converted into a small piece of meat that all men would like. Which, what’s wrong? Above all, if you choose a model with sleeves below the shoulders, exposing your neck and shoulders. That is going to make you crazy about how erotic it will be!

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