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Pin Up Costume

Do you think pin-up fashion is only good for dressing up? Well, to a certain extent, thanks to some American films based on the 50s, it could be said that there are certain sets that have become part of the pin up costume catalogue. What are they like?

Your Pin Up Woman Costume? We Have It at the Best Price

It is often said that when a party is organized, the first thing is to choose a theme. And if you are the one who organizes it, why not establish the decade of the 50 as a reference for everyone to wear a pin up costume?

In fact, they are very easy to get into, because in any store you can find clothes inspired by this era. There are even those who have specialized in period clothing. You can get the whole set or go buy it little by little, until you get a complete costume.

The Biggest Variety of Pin Up Girl Costumes from the 50s

Halloween, carnival, the day of geek pride, Christmas … how many dates a year do you can wear a costume? Well, take advantage of the fact that you have some pin-up vintage clothes in the closet to make a costume.

You have many references in history, cinema and music to take as a reference to make you a good retro disguise of pin up style. If you are a large group, why not go dressed up in the rockabilly style of the Grease characters? What are you alone? So, why not the characters that appear in the first film Back to the Future? Another referent in the cinema would be My week with Marilyn or Cry Baby, but we cannot forget on the tightrope.

Apart you have many references, such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Ernest Hemingway or Audrey Hepburn to disguise you on such important dates. Let’s see how many people can discover who you have disguised yourself from!

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