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Halloween’s coming up. October 31! Buy now online the BEST costumes, masks and items of fear, fantasy and terror in OFFER to be the soul of the night. Are you still waiting?

If we don´t have it, it probably doesn´t exist. We are very proud to offer the largest selection of decoration and costume products for Halloween, the day of the dead.


Halloween Categories

Pumpkins with light of different types and sizes, spider web in various colours, skeletons and witches, spiders and bugs or ghosts are elements that can not be missing in a good decoration of a Halloween party.

Halloween Recipes

Use the imagination in Halloween recipes! Bleeding fingers of sausage, cheese bones, peppers that spew spaghetti, pizzas with olive spiders, egg eyes that come out of their sockets, sweets in the form of witches, ghosts, mummies … and a lot of ideas to take advantage of filling of the pumpkins.

There are typical recipes you cannot miss on Halloween, like these sweet dishes that will make everyone remember this day. Look at these ideas and prepare them with your people.

We know that every year you spend a lot of money on Halloween candy for children. We have the solution to this problem because we are going to tell you some secrets about how to make Halloween candy and you can succeed this year for originality and taste.

Cheap Halloween Candies

Have you ever heard that “it’s cheaper to do it at home”? With what you cost the ingredients, you can prepare lots of Halloween candy to put in a party, given to children or to take to the office.

For example, have you never tried to make a lollipop? Lollipops are made in a very short time. With good molds, you can make lollipops of various types, with striking designs. Some can be repulsive like eye lollipops, others quite beautiful and delicious like the lollipops of bats.

Children Will Love These Candies

Either to give when they call for the trick or treat, or for a party that your child wants to organize at home, you will succeed with the ideas so original that there are for Halloween candy.

Is it that you do not know them? You have for example the skull cookies, which are as delicious as they are horrendous. But they are very simple, so if you like to decorate, and get something to look really scary to whoever looks at it, you have ghostly bananas. To this you can add sweet eyes. And we do not talk about any eyes. Eyes that look like they are real. The touch will seem so realistic that there will be many who do not dare to try them.

There are other equally good ideas, like spider cupcakes, which, with a bit of decoration, will look like a real spider. Especially if you’re good at working with chocolate powder. Or the gelatine worms. If you were looking for something cheap to make, and very simple, this last recipe is just what you need.

Halloween Candies As a Dessert

The same thing had not crossed your mind, but do you know that some Halloween candy can be served as desserts? No, we are not deceiving you. You have for example the tombs of custard, in which, with a bit of decoration, a simple custard can look like a grave yard.

Along with ghostly strawberries and sweetbread bones, there will not be a single guest at your house who is not satisfied with these Halloween treats. More than one is going to want you to rebel your secrets. If you add to it how to prepare a Halloween cake, everyone will be so delighted that they will want to return the following year.

We are not going to cheat you. Although they are easy recipes to follow and do, some will require a bit of work on your part. Of course, we promise that the result you will get will be worth it. Being homemade will be even more delicious!

Great Activitie for the Little Ones

Do you know that one of the activities that children like the most is making cookies? Although we are in a time full of technology, and it seems that children are born with a Smartphone under their arms, it is something that still charms them.

Since it is a very simple recipe to make, and very classic in Master Chef Junior, you could teach them to make the cookie dough and give them the shape of the creatures of the night all together. For home or to give them away, it never hurts to think a little about doing an activity like this. Think a little about the child you have inside and take him out to play with your children!

Adorable and Delicious Cookies

For the little ones, the cookies do not have to be scary. Moreover, it is good to give them a more entertaining view of the creatures of the night. For example, a bat with bulging eyes and an adorable smile, covered with a chocolate surface that looks like it’s hair. Do not you think it’s cute?

Clearly, we refer to cookies decorated with fondant, which are the ones that can play the most for the little ones in the house. Although Halloween butter cookies never fail. They are rich, tasty and very fun to make.

To give children knock at your door. There are several options, such as decorated chocolate cookies, vampire cookies or zombie fingers cookies. They have become a tradition of October 31 to make them, especially in the United States. Do not you want to be part of it?

Cookies Can Be Very Scary

We invite you to let your creative spirit fly. When the dough is ready to work, do not give it the typical shape of the round cookie and leave everything in the hands of the decoration. Try to give it a terrifying, frightening shape … and then with a little colour you will gain a perfect underworld creature for Halloween!

Like Halloween skeleton cookies. Generally, these cookies have a very adorable look, but some have managed to create some so realistic that they look like real bones. Would you dare to eat a cookie skeleton that looks almost human? Then you have softer ones, like Halloween biscuit cookies. With these you can work a little, because if you put a good filling, like jam, it will seem that people bleed when eating them.

Some are very fun to prepare, such as ginger mummy cookies or green apple cookies for Halloween. It is important that they know well but that the presentation is spectacular. The latter, remember that especially in this party, is the most important.

Enjoy our terrifying Halloween catalogue

How are we going to help you from Skullpattern to scare your neighbours and relatives? With our products! That’s why hundreds and hundreds of articles related to Halloween night will be available to you through our website.

What’s more, we can guarantee you two things: the best price on the market at the time the product is sold to you and that it will be in stock for you to receive before the night of October 31. All the products we have prepared for you are available with only 24-hour shipping!

It’s only a few weeks before Halloween night that stores start filling up with cobwebs, monster masks or accessories to decorate walls, windows and doors. For us, Halloween night is forever! You never know when you might require a monster costume, don’t you? That’s why our items are available year-round!

Want to become the soul of the Halloween party? Then don’t miss one of the offers we have ready for you in a complete selection of cheap Halloween items!

More Halloween Stuff On Sale

Halloween is a party to enjoy being scared and being scared. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw a fortune to get the items to make the most of the night of October 31. Also, you know that many stores only sell the products of this party when the month of October begins.

But in our Halloween store section, we’re not only going to have our items available 365 days a year, but we also have a catalogue completely divided into categories, so you don’t have to spend hours looking for what you want! Pumpkins, fake accessories such as bats and spiders, web spray, unique bags for this date, masks, full costumes. Everything you want is in our catalogue!

The terror of that night is going to be your moment to take revenge on those annoying neighbours or those brazen children. Turn your house into a complete mansion of terror. Do you remember the house of 1000 corpses? We guarantee that with our full selection of horror items, it will look like Peppa Pig’s house!

Costumes, which horror character do you want to be?

Popular culture and tradition mark a series of typical costumes for these holidays, such as witch, ghost, mummy, Frankenstein monster, werewolf or Dracula. Although with the film Hotel Transilvania seems to have lost a little its power to cause terror.

Another tradition is the monsters from the slasher movies, such as Freddy Krugger, Pennywise, Ghostface, Michael Mayers, Jason, Hellraiser or Chucky. Many more beings created from disturbed minds that have managed to terrorize our dreams with terrible nightmares for years. Of course, we must not forget other beings that, although they are not of the genre of terror, as is the case of Alien, Predator or Gremlins are very typical during these dates.

The culture called “freak” by many has also made characters from comics and animation are introduced as classics at this time, like the sensual and crazy Harley Quinn accompanied by Joker, the zombies of Resident Evil or the strange and horrifying creatures of Silent Hill as Pyramid Head. Or throw yourself at characters created by the Crepypaste, such as Jeff de Killer, Slenderman or Eyeless Jack.

We’ve given you a lot of costume ideas, haven’t we? There’s no doubt that in our catalogue you’ll find all the puzzle pieces you need to complete your cheap, high-quality Halloween costume.

The Best Halloween Accessories at the Best Price

Isn’t dressing up your thing? If so, how about some accessories to decorate your house and make it the most frightening and horrible in the whole city? No, we’re not messing with you – Halloween is what you get!

If you’re a simple person who wants to cheer up your kids with cheap Halloween decorations, buy accessories like spiders or bats that can stick to walls, and a few plastic skulls will do.

However, Skullpattern knows that your Machiavellian mind wants to have a terrifying house in the neighbourhood! That’s why we have a special Halloween section for you with everything you need.

No simple Halloween balloons or no plastic skulls, think big! Coffins with a sound system so that when the corpse comes out, it releases a malicious laugh, tombstones to put in the garden, special bulbs to create atmosphere, boilers, smoke machines, cobwebs that look real, dolls with an impressive realism to scare everyone. For everyone who passes by your house, Halloween will be an unforgettable party! Above all, because they won’t want to return to your home the following year and you’ll save a fortune on candy.

We help you buy your cheapest Halloween items

Why don’t you want to be dull and break the stereotypes a bit? What’s this about a sexy nurse costume? Or a hot policewoman? It’s time to change the image of Halloween a little bit with a dreadful dress!

Do you know how scary it can get to be a shepherdess of the time? Yes, we’re talking about the same shepherdess from the Toy Story movie. A couple of touches here and there and a Halloween costume! Or the porcelain dolls! Even the Barbie doll can become something perfect for Halloween with a little imagination!

What’s more, have you decided to dress up as a couple? So, be Chucky and let him be the bride with a transformative version of the character that changes sex. Why should the Joker be a man and Harley Quinn be a woman? We’ve already made it clear that everything in our catalogue is chosen to help you get the perfect outfit!

Imitations to complete your costume

Masks, necklaces, weapons, costumes. You know that the demands on the quality of the Halloween costume are getting higher and higher, so you should buy only the best. And Skullpattern we are the right people to get it for you!

What do you need an imitation of Freddy Krugger’s claws that looks real? We have it! A mask to disguise you as Jack Skeleton? We have it! The grinch? The wig of Frankenstein’s wife? Whatever Halloween accessory you’re looking for, we offer it at the lowest price and the highest bid. All in addition to a 24-hour delivery service.

We even have unique makeup to pale the face, fake blood or some accessories that serve to simulate as if you had a scar or were coming out of your guts. Amputated limbs, viscose lies, decapitated heads, if there is something you need to complete your costume or Halloween decoration, we are the right … because we have it!

All Cheap Halloween Items at the Best Price

When a date as marked as October 31 is about to arrive, it’s as if the shopkeepers are going crazy! Up! Discounts! Offers! However, at Skullpattern, we are going to offer the best retail price in the market.

First of all, because we think in your pocket, and you want to save a lot when buying anything for this party. That’s why, throughout the year, our items enjoy different discounts.

Do you have a list of everything you need for Halloween night? Do you need Halloween ideas? Anything special for a party you’re having that night? Perfect, because all of our products have a frightening discount. Don’t wait until the last moment to get everything you need for your Halloween party!

Halloween Products available 24 hours a day in our Online Store

Do you remember those days when you had to go from one store to another until you found what you were looking for? All that has come to an end because today, online stores are the order of the day!

And when it comes to online sales, there’s no one better than Skullpattern. Not to throw flowers to ourselves, but we are pioneers in the subject related to death and skulls so, doesn’t that give us some credit to be the best Halloween online store for October 31?

Accessories, costumes, complements, decorative objects, costume jewellery, cosmetics and everything related to Halloween is in our catalogue, waiting for you to take it home with you. Hundreds and hundreds of items that we are unable to count, each one more horrible and frightening! Don’t waste time looking for more because Skullpattern is the right one!

You know, our online store is available 365 days a year, open 24 hours a day and with delivery service in just 24 hours. Never again will there be an excuse to say you’re not ready for Halloween!

Prepare a terrifying party with our Halloween decorations.

Everything we have in our catalogue is going to be just what you need to complete the decoration of your home. And we mean it, nothing else is required.

Do you receive guests? Decorate everything with a Halloween theme: tablecloths, dolls, curtains, everything with a Halloween theme! All this added to different extras that will become the centre of the city where you will hear screams everywhere.

Or are you going to receive your guests tonight without giving them a good scare? You can create a great atmosphere with the best music. And no, we’re not speaking regarding “This Is Halloween” or Michael Jackson’s Ghostbusters or Thriller soundtrack. We’re talking about music that can set the mood at your party!

We’re talking about soundtracks like The Exorcist, Nightmare on Elm Street or Dracula. Now, if you genuinely want to terrify your guests, fake a real night of terror with murder! Some soundtracks, like that of the Silent Hill video game, are perfect for this. Have several people participate, buy the accessories to look like you’re being dismembered and someone is dressing up as a terrible monster.

All your guests will be out on their feet, smoking! Have you ever been to a horror village to pass some fear? If not, look for some videos on Youtube and make a note of how they do it, in our online Halloween products store you will find everything you need!

Organize your scary Halloween party for kids down to the last detail

Although many adults enjoy a good Halloween party, it is clear that the protagonists of the night are the smallest of the house. And at Skullpattern we know that. That’s why we have not only things for adults, but also children.

Costumes, weapons, accessories, everything you need to prepare the costume for your child, is in our catalogue. Not only that, but if you want to make a children’s Halloween party, we have everything: balloons, skulls that light up the eyes, any necessary decoration. We could say that we do not lack anything! Just add some cookies or dishes prepared with the theme of Halloween and finished!

Of course, it’s a scary night, so you shouldn’t rule out doing something “special” so that kids have something to have nightmares about when they come home with their parents and shake so much that they want to sleep with them. Trick-or-treating is a bit old-fashioned.

Skullpattern, the meeting point for terror lovers

We put the items, the best prices, the rest is up to you! We can help you get everything you need for a spooky Halloween night, but everything else has to come from you.

Items designed for a single party, from products for the little ones to others to create an atmosphere in the house that’s not for people with heart problems – take advantage that it’s the only night when playing a spooky joke doesn’t have any consequences!