Halloween Skull Carved Statue Lamp Night Light with Himalayan Gray White Salt Chunks

Halloween Skull

Halloween? Surely you think this party doesn’t scare anyone, but when you come to our online skull shop, these Halloween skulls are going to change your old mind. If you want to scare everybody, you are in the right place! Here you will find the terrifying bony heads of internet.

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The Halloween party is much older and more mysterious than you think. Its origins are Celtic and lies in celebrations that worshipped the dead and the spirits. Well, after this brief introduction of history, surely you want us to start talking to you about what interests you; the Halloween skulls.

Halloween Skull Carved Statue Lamp Night Light with Himalayan Gray White Salt Chunks

If you like Halloween and your like skulls, then here is the ideal combination. We know that, possibly, you are already a little older to go door to door saying ‘trick or treat’, but not to give a good scare to more than one. Or to disguise yourself in a very cool way next December 31st. Also, you can always hang it from the wall of your room and use it as part of the decoration.

You deserve to spend a special day and, for that reason, we have been in charge of gathering some disturbing Halloween skeletons that you will surely love. Besides, you can be sure that you will not have to wait long to have it in your home. We promise to take it away in just 24 hours! So, if you’re one of those who leave everything for the end, don’t worry, it’s going to be complicated that you don’t have it in time.

You will love these Halloween skulls that we have prepared for you. So don’t hesitate, take some home and get ready to spend a day of death outside the conventional.

Halloween Ideas for Halloween 2019

For a spooky Halloween, decorate with terrifying and sinister skulls.

4 x Tombstones Grave Headstones RIP Halloween Party Polystyrene

Skulls are a very versatile decorative element in any Halloween party. There are a large number of ideas, from using them as masks to using them in Halloween decoration.

Give a dramatic atmosphere to your Halloween decoration with creepy skulls for Halloween night. There will be many skeletons and skulls hovering around SkullPattern. They can be seen hiding behind the graves, through the ground, and if you look closely, you go to see them in places you can not even imagine. Here at SkullPattern we give you some ideas of where you can best locate them to set your Halloween party, these are:

  • Greet your guests with sinister skull decorations: You can put them on the entrance door.
  • A speedy and easy cool idea is the skull terrarium. Find a jar (or glass bowl, cake holder with a lid) large enough for a skull. Put the skull inside the jar, and voila! You can add any ornament you like that is as creepy or modern as you want.
  • One of the trends is to decorate with some skulls grouped for centrepieces on the dining table.
  • A frightening skull looks even more spooky when it is presented in a pedestal.
  • For some reason skeletons and skulls have always been associated with Halloween, as have witches, black cats and vampires. Decorate with skeletons and skulls accompanied by bugs, birds, cobwebs and personalizing them as you want.
  • Decorating with several units of skulls, you will impact with your ornamentations of Halloween. Numerous flocks of blackbirds and skulls add a spooky atmosphere to your Halloween party.
  • Skull bottles or glasses: This is an ornament that will look just as decorative with or without internal lights.
  • Use frost or black glitter to decorate your small skulls and hang them on your chandelier with ribbon or rope. A sure bet to scare your guests.

There are numerous skull designs to choose from, and they can be used to delight and entertain your guests during the party. We hope you have lots of skulls and bones in SkullPattern for your Halloween party. And remember, if you hear a strange crack or noise, the skulls that are lurking might be excellent.

Halloween Skull design

Realistic Skull and Skeleton coming out from the ground Arms Stakes

People say that to value life it is necessary to be fully aware of its antithesis, death, and perhaps that is why macabre art could be considered the best and most authentic exaltation of human vitality and existence.

Undoubtedly one of his most immortal emblems is the skull, faithful ambassador of the gloomy character that recalls the Grim Reaper through historical funeral representations. However, under its angular and bony forms hides a deep symbology and insinuating connotations that make it a feared element at the same time as revered and irresistible, in the world of art and design.

Symbol of thought, life force and spirit, the skull has starred in many European and Asian legends in history. However, it emanates other multiple symbologies since it is also a reflection of the celestial vault on a few occasions; in others, the expiration of human life as proven by his appearances infamous literary myths such as ‘Hamlet’ or ‘Faust’.

It can be a symbol of opening towards a new path of vast knowledge, as in Freemasonry; or an element to scare off intruders in a graveyard. Once accompanied by two large bones that ennoble it becomes the protagonist of the pirate flag, baptized as the ‘Jolly Roger’, and some secret societies, such as the Skull and Bones Society of Yale.

This aura of mysticism and spirituality is perhaps what has seduced many designers and artists who have expressed their admiration, or perhaps their fear, to the skulls in insurmountable and inspiring creations and that invite us to immerse ourselves in the original world of Skull Art.

Of course we can find the star of all the skulls, the human skull. In Skullpattern, we have everything from the most straightforward and most realistic to the most terrifying and demonic. Just have a look at our products and choose the one you like the most.

In addition to Halloween skulls, in our store we have: